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I have great memories of heading out to pick strawberries with my Mom and brothers. Mostly I remember eating the perfectly ripe berries straight off the plant. Why has it been so long since I did this?

Well yesterday we went to a local farm and proceeded to U-Pick many yummy local (unfortunately not organic) strawberries.  Today I spent 4 hours making my very first batches of jam EVER. What I learned – making jam is easy, fun, rewarding and craaaazy delicious.  My first batch didn’t thicken up as much as I would like. The second batch looks much better.  In total I made 16 jars of jam.

We followed up the strawberry picking with a visit to the Reifel Bird Sanctuary. Here we walked along the dykes, fed ducks, spotted some baby goslings and a lone heron. We made it back to the car just in time for a huge thunderstorm to roll over head. Thunder, lightening and much rain followed.

A great afternoon spent outdoors.


June 25, 2007 at 10:14 pm 2 comments

Local Food Month


Crunch Chicken of Low Impact Week fame is at it again. This time she has christened July as Eat Local Month 

First, I should recap on my not-so-stellar Low Impact Week. In all honesty I just didn’t follow through on the challenges I set forth for myself. I chose the challenges that I have been struggling with and I simply didn’t do it. Lame, I know. I can do better.

Let’s look to the positive side. I have been successful in using my reusable bags when I go shopping and very few of their plastic counterparts have slipped into my house. I have cut our dryer use in half by hanging most of our clothing to dry. I have diligently been ordering most of my food from our local organic home delivery company where I have been focusing on making local choices and reducing my families food miles.

Crunchies new challenge is very much in line with where my passion is at the moment – local, yummy and organic food goodness. So during the month of July (and August, September….) I’m going to further increase my consumption of locally and sustainably grown food and decrease my consumption of imported and packaged food.  Specifically I’m going to: 

  • Choose only BC fruits and veggies (no more bananas, mangos, avocadoes, etc).
  • Reduce my food miles by choosing local where possible.
  • Shop at the local farmers market.
  • Limit pre-packaged food by making my own bread, pizza dough, etc.
  • Fill my pantry with jams, jellies and canned seasonal and local fruits to last through Winter.
  • I live in a cohousing community and we often share community meals. I have committed myself to preparing a 100 Mile Meal for the community on July 14th.

The great thing about Local Food Month is that you choose the level of participation you want to do. For more info visit Crunchy Chicken and read through her FAQs.

Also check out this really interesting photo essay, What the World Eats, online at Time magazine. It showcases photos of 15 families around the world and their weekly food supplies. Very visual, interesting and telling. 

June 20, 2007 at 4:05 pm 1 comment

26 Climate Change Myths and Misconceptions


In spite of explosive news coverage about global warming over the past year, many people still have only a very rudimentary knowledge of this complex issue. Unfortunately, this lack of knowledge has led to persistent myths, which are slowing down real action that could prevent the worst damage from occurring to our economy and to our environment.

I recently found a great article at New Scientist debunking the 26 most common climate myths and misconceptions.

If you want to help, read New Scientist and arm yourself with knowledge, then tell a friend. Let’s take down these myths once and for all!

June 5, 2007 at 5:07 pm 1 comment


I am passionate about reducing my impact on the environment and am learning to live simply and live green. I am learning the age old arts of home food preservation and cooking from scratch. This is yet another eco-blog and a place for me to really channel my passions for writing, photography and sustainable living.
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