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A New Year


Is it already half way through Janury? Really? 15 days into the new year? I feel like we’ve been on holiday forever. The Holidays themselves were busy – filled with travel, family, celebrations and lots of yummy food. We played in the snow, decorated, made gifts for family and friends, warmed up by the fire, drank egg nog latte, stayed up too late, watched too much TV, snowshoed in the mountains, went skating, read many books and started more knitting projects.

2008 is shaping up to be an interesting year. Focusing on taking time for me to recharge and find balance in my life. So important when you are living life with a little one and thinking about adding to the family. A big trip is in the works…I will talk more about this when it’s solidified but I am busy filling in passport forms, reading travel books, planning and hopefully very soon booking flights.

Highlights from the past month:

New handmade play kitchen. An amazing gift from Grandma & Grandpa.


Annual trip with friends to Brackendale to watch the eagles.


Little E’s first time on skates:


Getting inspired by:


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The Knitting Season


My first sweater off the needles – a baby cardigan (Daisy a free pattern from knitty) for a close friends first little one…and onto the new a felted bowl from this great book I have on lone from the library. 

Autumn, my favorite season, has so many sights, smells, sounds and tastes associated with it. I’m thinking of the leaves crunching underfoot, the beautiful abundance at the farmer’s market, pumpkin pie with whipped cream or the crisp cool air in the morning that gives way to our last few glorious sunny days. One thing I was recently reminded of is the touch of autumn. To me it is that of the knitting in my hands. The cool air brings with it the start of knitting season and has me reaching for my knitting bag and casting on a project or two.

I’ve started to take inventory of our hats and scarves and mittens. Who needs what? What can we pass on to friends and family? What have friends passed onto us? Where are the gaps? My project list quickly gowns as we all need a new hat and perhaps some warm wool socks. The little one has requested a sweater for herself in her favorite color (purple of course) and I will hopefully have enough yarn for a matching hat. 

Handmade gifts for family and friends are being planned as I think to the colder days of winter and look forward to the rhythmic clicking of needles and the feel of the wool in my hands. 

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And They’re Off…

Live Lightly Tour

At the same time as the Janssen’s hit the road for their exciting adventure living sustainable in an RV powered by veggie oil, a new website has been launched for the Live Lightly Tour. Love it! The logos and graphic elements I designed for them are very much complemented by the T-shirts and stickers Sara designed and the blog and RV wrap design by What Cheer. The new website offers you a number of ways to get involved, Spread the Love and help support the Live Lightly Tour.

Bookmark the site and join me in following along on this families sustainable journey.

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A 100 Mile Meal

Last night the hubby and I prepared a 100 Mile Meal for 25 people. It was simple, delicious, challenging and a lot of fun to prepare.

Many items came right from our Community Garden (zero miles) or the local Farmer’s Market. We went out to Driediger Farms and picked the raspberries and purchased the blueberries and potatoes. 

We served an appetizer of baked spinach balls and mushroom caps with pesto…thanks Tara for making them they were delicious. We sampled local wine from the Domaine de Chaberton Estate Winery. Dinner was local Sockeye salmon in a honey garlic glaze with scalloped potatoes, seasonal salad and a minted dill yogurt dressing. For desert we had raspberries and blueberries with whipped cream. YUMMY!

What I learned:

  • Eating within a 100 mile radius is challenging.
  • Recipes have to be altered slightly…sometimes for the better.
  • You have to really search things out and read labels.
  • You have to ask a lot of questions.
  • Knowing where your food comes from feeds the soul.

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